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St. Martin


Morro del Gos Is.

Nakantenga Is.

Maleri Is.

Malawi Republic



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30DX/N191 Montehano Island   posted on 10/07/2007 by 30DX184 George

30DX/N191 Montehano Island
From 07/07/2007 till 09/07/2007
By 30DX184 George

Montehano Island is an island at the coastline of North Spain, in the Santander province. Montehano Island is valid for the DIE award.

73s from 30DX184 George

More info at Delta-Xray Site

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Ian McFarland releases 2-CD journey into SW Nostalgia   posted on 17/10/2006 by 30DX184 George

Colin Newell writes: Were you a shortwave listener back in 1974?

If you were a regular listener to RCIs popular SWL Digest programme, which went off the air in March of 1991 in the wake of a devastating budget cut at RCI, then you may remember the SW station Idents & Interval Signals Series that was featured on this a

Information from

Article at

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98DX/1 direct postcard   posted on 29/05/2004 by 30DX184 George

Some friends form Europe receive the direct postcards sended from Singapore during the 98DX/1

Now the activations has been VALIDATED by the DX Radio Club. Check the link to see all the pics, proofs and postcard received.

73s from 30DX184 George (ex-98DX/1)

Pic, proofs and more here

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98DX/1 full logbook online !   posted on 23/05/2004 by 30DX184 George

Hi !

The full log of 98DX/1 is online ! There are 195 stations logged, without dups.

If you dont find your call and you beleive that had a QSO with us contact me.

73s from 30DX184 George (ex-98DX/1)

Search at 98DX/1 Log here

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By 30DX184 George